My name is Meredith, but folks have come to call me MerNe (pronounced Mare-Nee, Not MERN), and it kinda sounds like money! I’m really passionate about finance and making sure everyone has the financial security and ability to pursue their ultimate dreams and passions in life.

We ALL use money, yet there is no formal financial education in schools. Why is that?? I’d love to change that. For now, we are tasked with educating ourselves about money and picking out truths amidst our materialistic unsatisfied American culture.

Do things bring happiness?
Is debt necessary and unavoidable?

I’ll be sharing tips and lessons regarding all aspects of finance and how money can help you achieve your goals. You will NOT see me recommending extreme frugality tips. ¬†There are a lot of really cool money blogs out there written by folks who took these kind of extreme measures and retired in their 30s, but I feel like it’s not realistic. I would love to retire in my 30s and I know that drastically reducing my living expenses would allow me to do so, but I LIKE my salon haircut (and the awesome scalp massage) every few months. I LIKE eating out. I LIKE taking vacations. I believe in a balanced lifestyle where I 1) have gotten rid of all debt except for our mortgage, 2) am saving and investing a lot, and 3) am pretty frugal in most areas and have identified the few areas we like to splurge on and can do so without feeling guilty because of #1 & #2!

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