The First Post!

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My first blog post!  It’s a long time coming and I’ve been thinking about it for a while and making a ton of excuses to prolong the procrastination, but today I got a bit of a jumpstart.

I watched LaLa Land.  You are thinking, Whhaaaa?!  I know, I know, stay with me though!  It was a bit of an odd flick and SPOILER ALERT when they started floating they almost lost me but I hung in there and I got the point.  Follow your dreams, and find someone who believes in you and makes you stick with it when you’re too scared to take a risk or just don’t feel like it.

I already have just that person, my awesome husband who researched blogs and the best sites to start them and the cost and basically everything that overwhelmed me too much and created a self-made barrier to following my own crazy dream, a dream I didn’t even acknowledge that I had until I saw that movie, a dream to be a financial blogger and personality that can freely give advice to those who need and want it and get paid via ads and clicks and all the stuff that I should probably learn about if I want to make it happen.  My guy will teach me!

So I finally stopped putting off my brand change – from Money with Mereymouse to Money with MerNe – and bit the bullet and fronted a measly (in the long run) bit of cash to start a real blog with a real domain.  I might have to use a hashtag if I really want to make it, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! 

I hope more great things are in store!  I can write the verbose posts that flow out of my brain and into my fingers and look super wordy in a facebook post.  I can eventually post videos.  My cousin, a super inspiring artist, and I were talking about using her as my case study by filming video chats because she lives across the country!  I’m following my dreams, everyone, and I hope they don’t flop now that I’m declaring myself like this, but I’m telling you so you can pursue your dreams too!  My goal is to help you pursue those dreams by making sure you have your money in order to finance the most fulfilling life you can live!

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